Compiled March 17, 2001
by Dave Haber

Comparison of NBC Version, Pacific Arts VHS and Rhino DVD

NBC Version same as Pacific Arts VHS except where noted.
Time listed is DVD time.

0:08:29 DVD Extra Rat Keller scene, Anncr. lines about Leppo never seen again
0:10:30 DVD Extra "Number One" Continues
a) In Concert
b) Kids Playing
c) In Concert
d) In Studio - fighting in control room between Leggy and Dick Jaws
e) In Concert
0:13:25 DVD
  Barry in Color
Barry in B/W
0:13:56 DVD
  Nasty in Color
Nasty in B/W
0:14:07 DVD
  Dirk in Color
Dirk in B/W
0:26:24 DVD
  New Orleans goes to Out Of Me Head, then AHDR
New Orleans goes to Anncr. saying "back to to Liverpool"
then Nasty on the street interview
then Out Of Me Head
0:26:35 VHS   A Hard Days Rut footage tinted brown
0:30:00 NBC Extra Longer Brian Thigh scene with shot at end
0:30:09 DVD

  Brian Thigh goes to Nasty on the street interview
then Living In Hope
Brian Thigh goes to Living In Hope
0:32:13 DVD

Extra Lines about Barry realizing who he had married
goes to "From Liverpool to London"
goes to "London Here."
Scotsmen from Hull goes to "London Here".
0:46:39 DVD Extra Dirk repeats "Very Stunned"
0:49:57 VHS
Extra End of Limo scene fades to black and has honking and screeching
Missing Title: NYC 1968
0:50:49 DVD   Defect in print over George not on VHS
0:52:16 DVD Extra Harrison wraps up after "thump me"
0:52:31 DVD Extra Quick wide shot of explosion, short crash sound
0:55:30 DVD Extra Anncr: joke about them not marrying each other
0:57:11 DVD   Defect in print not on VHS
0:58:34 DVD Missing Title: You Need Feet
1:00:44 DVD Missing Titles describing backwards lyrics
1:01:12 DVD Missing Title: Gertrude Strange
1:02:56 DVD Missing Title: Eric Manchester
1:03:24 DVD Missing Title: Ron Decline
1:04:04 DVD Extra Ron Decline about doing a good job
1:05:05 DVD Missing Title: Let It Rot
1:07:15 DVD
Extra Police arrest Rutles
Paul Simon starts talking over end of Get Up And Go
1:10:56 DVD   No freeze on Mick Jagger
1:11:00 NBC   Doubleback Alley not edited

Not listed: Various scene changes which were looser on DVD but do not change content.