The Rutland Times
Vol 2 Issue 1 October 20, 1997

Rutles To Perform Live in Los Angeles

Making only their second live performing appearance since they broke up in 1969, it was announced officially this weekend that the Rutles will appear live on stage at this year's Los Angeles Rutlefest. The group appeared earlier this year at the Rutlefest in Chicago.

Celebrating the release of their reunion CD Archaeology, Ron Nasty, Stig O'Hara and Barry Wom are scheduled to perform songs from both their original albums from the 60's and the new Archaeology album. Their new hit song Shangri-La from Archaeology was heard publicly for the first time via tape at last year's Rutlefest.

Also appearing again at this year's Rutlefest will be popular Rutles tribute band Rutland, and if tradition is followed, Nasty, Stig and Barry and the members of Rutland will probably be convinced to jam together on stage.

The Los Angeles Rutlefest '97 will be held at the L.A. Airport Marriott Hotel, which is located at 5855 West Century Boulevard, near the airport, on November 28, 29 and 30. For information about Rutlefest, call 1-800-232-8537, or call the Rutlefest Ticket Line at 1-888-923-2853.

New Rutles Bootleg Surfaces

As all fans know, the basis of the Rutles' new album Archaeology are the famous "Archaeology Tapes". These tapes were rehearsal tapes from early Rutles recording sessions in the 1960's, and included several songs that were never released. These tapes were found by Barry's dog in a shed in 1995, and the rest is archaeology.

Somehow, the original "Archeaology Tapes" have leaked out to the bootlegers, and are now reportedly available for the first time ever on a bootleg CD called Sweet Rutle Tracks.

Besides the tracks that were used and enhanced on Archaeology, the rehearsal tapes include "live" rehearsal versions of all of the Rutles' big hits. In addition, the tapes include the rehearsal of one Nasty/McQuickly song still as yet unreleased called Plenty Of Time.

Since bootlegs are illegal to make, you can't find them at your local record store, but they can sometimes be found at record swap meets and at the Rutlefests.

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