The Rutland Times
Vol 1 Issue 6 November 1, 1996

The Rutles Perform Live Rooftop Concert

by Harriet Perry

The Rutles were originally scheduled to donate Rutlobilia to the NYC Hard Rock at a lunchtime ceremony on Tuesday, October 29th. Since the Yankees, world-renowned Rutles fans, decided to celebrate the release of Archaeology by having a ticker tape parade, the Rutles were forced to change the date to Wednesday, not wanting to embarass the Yankees by attracting more attention to their appearance than to the parade.

Prior to the presentation, platforms and equipment were set up on the roof, and The Rutles took the stage in their famous grey suits. They did four songs from Archeology - Major Happy, Rendevous, Joe Public, and Shangri-La.

The set lasted about 20 minutes, almost longer than the entire concert at Che Stadium. Then the Rutlobilia was presented to a representative of the Hard Rock, right there on the roof. The items the Rutles brought were the skis, a top hat, and a cape used in the filming of the movie "Ouch!"

Word about a possible concert was spread the night the before at a signing The Rutles did at Tower Records in Grenwich Village. There was also some rumors spread around on local radio stations, an article in the New York Daily News, and through postings on the newsgroup. This resulted in a turn-out of approximately 100 people on the street below Planet Hollywood, including innocent passers-by. Unfortunately, The Rutles were playing at the Hard Rock Cafe.

It was a concert to last a lunchtime.

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