The Rutland Times
Vol 1 Issue 4 September 10, 1996

Rutles Video Shoot Completed in Beverly Hills

The shooting of the music video to celebrate the new Rutles single and album, which was started in New York City last week, was completed at the offices of Virgin Records in Beverly Hills on Monday. Many famous friends were on hand to participate in the chorus of the song Shangri-La, reminiscent of the party-like atmosphere created for the worldwide TV broadcast of "Love Life" in 1967.

Nasty, Stig and Barry, dressed in their 1960's velvet-collared jackets and Rutles boots, performed the song and directed their friends in the chorus. Among the people which will be seen singing in the Los Angeles portion of the video were (in no particular order) Taylor Negron (Hope and Glory on NBC, Angels in the Outfield), Marsha Warfield (talk show hostess, Night Court on NBC), Nancy Sinatra, Paul Williams, Pat Boone and Graham Nash.

The Mop Tops, famous Rutles Tribute Band, were also there, as well as several celebrity look-a-likes. The place looked like the cover of Sgt. Rutter's! We'll let you have the fun of picking those out for yourselves when you see the video.

The new album was also played during the party, and it was the first opportunity for many of us to hear any of the new cuts besides Shangri-La. More details coming about the new album soon!

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