The Rutles Tragical History Tour

The Rutles are a legend. A living legend.
A legend that will live long after
other living legends have died.

This is the semi-legendary story of the Prefab Four
who made the sixties what they are today!

* Tragical History Tour
The history of the Prefab Four, from The Cavern in Rutland to Shabby Road, featuring pictures and sound files of interviews with the Rutles and other Rutlistic people.

And here's more Rutles Historical Info:

* E Burres Stigano
Is Stig Dead? Or is he just quiet? Here's the album cover and lyrical proof, so you may decide for yourself.

* The Mick Jagger Interview
* The Paul Simon Interview
Mick Jagger and Paul Simon talk about meeting the Rutles and their experiences with the boys and their music.

* I Am The Waitress
The lyrics from all of the most popular Rutles songs, and information about what Rutles record each song is on.

* Denny Lane
Exclusive pictures of Dirk, Stig, Nasty and Barry, Rutles Album covers and Rutles memorabilia, available at no other Internet Rutles site!

* W.C. Fields Forever
Are you a Rutlemaniac? Test your Rutles knowledge with the Rutles Online Interactive Trivia Game!

* All You Need Is Lunch
Archaeology! The new album full of never-before-heard music by the Prefab Four! Click here for rumors, pictures, news and official press releases!

* Hello Get Lost
More information about the Rutles, how to find Rutles stuff, and links to other Rutles World Wide Web Sites.

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Rutles Corps

Also check out another page about a much lesser known Rutles copy-cat group called The Beatles.

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