So Long Neil...

It is with huge sadness that we mark the passing of Neil Innes and salute his incredible legacy - including of course the Rutles.

From his days in the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band... to his work with Monty Python... to the Rutles... and then his illustrious solo career - Neil gave the world fun, wit and wisdom - served up with gorgeous tunes and gleeful presentation.

He was a gentle, humble soul - equally sweet when meeting his many fans as with the stars who wanted to be in his company. Giving pleasure was always his watchword.

He enjoyed our Rutles website and he was always kind and supportive to us.

We will all miss him more than words can say.

But if there are to be words - they should be from Neil...

You may wistfully recall
How Benjamin Disraeli said that
"Life is too short to be small"
Or maybe...
Like some old time song
Over all it's long
So - so long. It's all over...

- "Back In '64" by Neil Innes (1996)

Though mostly known for his humorous work - Neil also wrote exquisite songs of poignancy and emotional depth.

"Friends At The End Of The Line" is the song he wrote after his dear pal George Harrison passed away. It's a beautiful example of the gift Neil gave us.

This is just a humble, low-resolution, amateur phone-video of a live performance by Neil. But the emotion in Neil's singing says it all...

And here are the lyrics

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Adam Forrest • Martin Lewis
December 30th 2019

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